Broken! – week 44 as a pH D student

Broken! Not physically or mentally, but technologically. This week, two out of two of the machines I was needing to use broke. One of them, a single quad LC-MS broke twice. I have been extracting like a third world country that has just discovered a rich mineral wealth under its feet, or a hedge fundContinue reading “Broken! – week 44 as a pH D student”

Machine meltdown – Week 28 as a PhD student

I have said it before, and I will say it again, flexibility is one of the best things that a PhD can provide. It is Friday; It is 24°C, and I am tired. Because of this, I am not doing any work. I will catch back up with my work tomorrow. In the UK, whenContinue reading “Machine meltdown – Week 28 as a PhD student”

Six month review – Week 27 as a PhD student

‘To get a PhD all you need to do is convince the examiners you have put in a shift’. Today, I had my sixth-month review. As far as reviews go, it was quite a pleasant experience. The review is in place to provide moral support rather than an examination. I suspect these ‘reviews’ were demandedContinue reading “Six month review – Week 27 as a PhD student”

Why I don’t think I will be a successful scientist

I have been comparing myself to established scientists within my field, and without exception, the result of my comparison leaves me thinking that I do not want to be like any of those people. I suspect this is mostly my naivety clouding my opinion, but there is a vital component to being a scientist whichContinue reading “Why I don’t think I will be a successful scientist”

Ghost town – week 25 as a PhD student

Easter weekend has turned the university into a ghost town; I walked into the university on Thursday morning only to find myself felling Cillian Murphy in the opening scenes of 28 days later. Yes, this was written many months ago. I can tell that there is a public holiday here in the UK by theContinue reading “Ghost town – week 25 as a PhD student”

Blogging overload – Week 24 as a PhD student

Repetitive, monotonous, tedious, is how a feel about writing blog posts at the moment. I have been writing blog posts all weekend, and my motivation for writing this one is undoubtedly lower than average. My guest post for the British Nutrition Foundation has been sent back to me with some suggestions and corrections. At firstContinue reading “Blogging overload – Week 24 as a PhD student”

Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student

Once again, a skill that I thought was overhyped in its importance has had a significant impact on me this week. I am talking about networking; as an introvert, this is a not a skill I enjoy nurturing. I mentioned last week that I had to give a presentation this week, it went okay. ItContinue reading “Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student”

How digital cameras work

Some of my PhD work involves the use of cameras, and pre-empting a talk I will inevitably have to give at some point, I should learn how they work. The first thing you need to know is that cameras detect electromagnetic radiation. For us humans, we can only detect this radiation between the wavelength ofContinue reading “How digital cameras work”