The day after the night before – week 60

As I have mentioned before, my writing is a a few months behind present day. It is the day of the Christmas party, so I will write half of this before the party and then finish it tomorrow. It is noon on Saturday, and I have been into the university to get some work done.Continue reading “The day after the night before – week 60”

Merry Christmas! – week 49

Week forty-nine that is the longest Un-interrupted spree of anything I can remember. This post will most likely be a pivotal point as I hand in my one year report on Monday. As you may be aware, because I have been whining about it for what feels like six months, I have to hand inContinue reading “Merry Christmas! – week 49”

The Christmas quiz – week ten as a PhD student.

You can see how long the delay is in these posts based on the content of this one! Week 10, or as Apple would call it, week X. I am aiming for 300 words or fewer this week. I finished my program! I can now just point it to a directory of images, and itContinue reading “The Christmas quiz – week ten as a PhD student.”