The new and the old – week 65

I am sitting here waiting on one of those recent phenomena; I am waiting for a new keyboard and mouse to be delivered by Amazon’s prime service. Once this delivery has arrived I can engage in one of the oldest and greatest phenomena that humanity has ever created; I can return my library books.

I find myself ordering my day around the delivery of packages more often than I would like to admit, and I would not be surprised if there was a term for the phenomenon. But, I should stop complaining as it was in my lifetime that you had to go somewhere to acquire goods. In my case, growing up in a small village, it involved begging my parents to take me to town, or waiting until I could drive and then do it myself. It indeed wasn’t a simpler time.

But enough rambling and pre-amble, it is time to try and twist and contort my thoughts of what I did this week into something more interesting than it actually is.

It has been a slow week in PhDs-Ville, I am waiting on some consumables, mainly filters so that I can continue analysing samples. I am still not that proficient at time-tabling; if I were better I would be a bit more efficient, but also, a lot more fatigued as I would have less downtime. So, I have just justified my lack of organisation as a device for rest and recovery – winging it is one of the best skills one can learn.

The first two days of the week were as boring as you can get, I weighed out hundreds of samples at 0.01 gram per go, which is quite tricky sometimes. From my PhD, I would say that roughly 40% of the time I am doing something utterly mundane that requires no thought whatsoever, it’s not all chalkboards and equations. The beakers don’t wash themselves!

The remainder of the week was spent doing data analysis and writing abstracts for a couple of conferences I would like to go to this year. Oh, and I had a couple of meetings.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I shall be going to Berlin and Prague this year on-the-house. I will have to give a presentation, but that is but a minor act in the academic conference – so I have been told. Mostly it’s for networking a.k.a. drinking, dining and talking – as well as getting a free holiday. Who am I to not engage in such activities.

Having mentioned that, I hate almost all the aspects of conferences; I detest writing the abstract and then presenting it, and I am not a big fan of networking either. I am mostly going because it feels like one of those things you ‘have’ to do. Talking to other people I am still none the wiser as to why people go to them; I think it has lots of un-apparent benefits that are hard to quantify. Anyway, I shall give it a go this year and try my best to seem interested.

It will be nice to get out of the house!