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Over the past year or so I have been writing free guest blog posts for other people in exchange for advice on writing, and I have found it very useful.

However, recently I have not had the time to write for others and thought I would change tactic slightly.

This is where you come in!

If you are a relatively new blogger, have something to say about the craft of writing, and would like to get your work featured on this blog please comment below.

I am looking for 300-1000 words on a subject of your choice – it could be a piece about how you hate cliches, or how you love a particular style of writing, whatever you like.

If you would like to have your writing promoted on this blog please send an email to Please note I will not open any links, so please do not add any.

Here are some examples of Guest Bloggers that have been featured on here.

Aik AleksanichA malevolent Cuisine

Phil Rosen – Your language determines your audience

Jenny Knipfer – The who, why, what, when and where of writing

Grammatic IronyPassive activism

Janet Crum10 tips for improving your academic writing

27 thoughts on “Promote your blog”

    1. Hello,

      I would definitely be interested in writing something, and thank you for the opportunity. Does the piece have to be about writing in some way, it can it be about something else? You mention talking about the craft of writing, but also the subject of our choice..? I’d be interested in either case.


    2. Hi Louis,
      Thank you for liking my comments, it is very kind of you.I would like to write a piece on the forgotten generation….our elderly and how they are shut away in places that seem like God’s waiting room for the elderly.
      Please advise if this is something you are interested in. Kindest regards,
      Susan (points of sue).

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  1. Hey, I am here to promote my blog which is at the beginner stage
    I really love the power of infographics, I am thinking of blog posts which involve a lot of infographics rather than writing!


  2. I have interest in providing information related to Parkinson’s for Parkies and their care givers. My other writings are about self reliance and things I have learned through life experiences.


  3. Hello!
    I love that you’re giving back, especially by giving other ‘new’ writers a platform. I’m also a student, and I’ve only just started my blog. I’d really appreciate some readership – please consider me a hopeful candidate for promotion on your blog?

    Thank you!


  4. Hi there Louis! It’s so cool that you’re helping to encourage and promote other writers 😊 If you’re still doing promotions, I’d love to write a piece about finding a writing “voice,” and also about the writing software I use ✍ Best wishes ~ Sam from Freshly Stale


  5. Hi! It’s really nice that you’re using your platform to help others! it’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you for that
    I’m a student (high school) and I started this blog two years ago but I stopped posting for about a year due to my board exams and would love to start again. Are you still doing promotions?


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