Free guest blog posts

If you’re an aspiring editor and want to get some free content for your site, leave a comment and I will contact you. I am trying to improve my writing and would like to work with any aspiring editors in the science/food and nutrition space as this is where my expertise are.

If you want free content to boost traffic to your site, do not contact me. I am only looking to work with people who will help develop my writing, so you must be willing to provide feedback and help me improve. Also, since this is a hobby for me, I will not work to a schedule as I have much higher priority to work to do

Here are the links to my guest posts

Guest blog post for the British Nutrition Foundation go here.

Guest blog post for cafephilos


13 thoughts on “Free guest blog posts”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for the past few months now. You write from your heart which makes it more interesting.

    In your recent post, I noticed a typo. I was afraid you might be offended if I commented on the post. And there is no option to message the writer. So I’m just going to wait for your permission to point it out for you. Typos happen to the very best. Please don’t mind.


      1. In the last paragraph or is it the second last, the term should be rite of passage, instead of write.

        I do realize, you don’t edit your posts, but may I suggest another thing that will help you understand a lot about punctuation. I use this browser extension Grammarly. The free version just monitors common spelling and grammatical errors but it pretty much gives me an idea where I need to improve.


  2. Hi there –
    I’m intrigued by your idea here. My blog (as you probably noticed on your recent visit) is almost entirely book-related. HOWEVER – it’s really all about learning from the written word. I edit because it’s fun for me and I truly enjoy helping people improve their writing. I also have some experience editing dissertations on a variety of unrelated topics. This is a wordy way of saying – contact me! I’d love to see how I can help and if you have anything you’d like to pop up on my blog sometime. Ciao!


  3. I would be interested in your writing a guest post for my blog on any topic of your choosing. I’m willing to work with you as an editor and provide ample feedback in the hope of improving your writing. Please contact me at and put “Guest Post” in the attention line. Looking forward to meeting up with you!


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