Alcohol and blogging – week 21 as a PhD student

This is my first time writing early on a Saturday morning after an evening which involved more drinks than I am used to. I feel as if my mind is only 60% in attendance so this might be an interesting one. One of the key questions that one who is financially sensitive has to askContinue reading “Alcohol and blogging – week 21 as a PhD student”

Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student

Once again, a skill that I thought was overhyped in its importance has had a significant impact on me this week. I am talking about networking; as an introvert, this is a not a skill I enjoy nurturing. I mentioned last week that I had to give a presentation this week, it went okay. ItContinue reading “Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student”

The meeting – Week 18 as a PhD student

I will start this week with a quick update on my experience of publishing these posts. I posted two posts on the first day of making my site; It has become clear to me how important a headline is. One of my posts is titled ‘An unexpected PhD student’, the other is titled ‘ WeekContinue reading “The meeting – Week 18 as a PhD student”

A profound title – Week seventeen as a PhD student

Well, I did it, I have made a website where all of these posts will be open to comment. Of course, you already know this, as you would not be reading this if I hadn’t already done so. My experience so far is that there is a large number of people that have fitness-related blogs.Continue reading “A profound title – Week seventeen as a PhD student”

Thinking about starting a blog – Week sixteen as a PhD student

Early this week I had a strong urge to publish my journaling of the PhD experience; I thought I would make a WordPress site and just publish them on a weekly basis anonymously. How would you know whether it happened or not? If you stumbled across this before this post, in your timeline, I wouldContinue reading “Thinking about starting a blog – Week sixteen as a PhD student”

Compulsory conference – week fifteen as a PhD student

I made a rookie error this morning; I took a peek inside my investment account, although it was up 7.4%, I still have the depressing feeling of knowing it will be many many years until I am financially independent of the system. Oh, how I wish a had become financially savvy and invested in theContinue reading “Compulsory conference – week fifteen as a PhD student”

Finding the peaks – week fourteen as a PhD student

This week I was running experiments for four out of five days, as a consequence, I feel as if I have been quite busy. The results I have been seeing are not as good as I had been expecting; I did find some compounds that were not in any of our libraries, which is anContinue reading “Finding the peaks – week fourteen as a PhD student”

Early setbacks- Week thirteen as a PhD student

  I feel as if I have been cruising with a strong tailwind for quite a while now; this week has not felt the same. The experiments I had been planning for months did not go as well as I would like. I was extracting volatile compounds from the headspace of bagged salad and thenContinue reading “Early setbacks- Week thirteen as a PhD student”

Closing the year with a ski trip – week eleven and twelve as a PhD student

This Is week 12; I have not written anything for last week as I was on holiday. I will, therefore, combine the two weeks, seamlessly. Last week I was skiing in Slovakia for four days; I would recommend waiting until after Christmas before skiing in Slovakia, as before this the snow is highly variable and you may find many slopes closed.