Books I Recommend

If I had one piece of advice to give to anyone, it would be, read as much as you can! Often, you get lifelong work of a great thinker – if you choose your books correctly – condensed into an absorb-able format. Exercise regularly, and learn about finance would be the next things I would recommend.

One big mistake I think people make with books is physically owning the book. Why? Books are not too expensive, but they are often an unnecessary purchase. I used to be guilty of it; first I would buy new books, then I bought them cheap on Amazon, or from charity bookshops.

Then, I realised:

a) They take up a lot of room after a while.
b) They usually don’t get read more than once.
c) They do not make you look interesting, or intellectual, your life as a whole does that.
d) If you don’t agree with c, you may want to ask why. Maybe ego?
e) Don’t read self-help books; they are usually garbage, learn about life instead.

The following are books I recommend reading, as they have had the biggest impact on my life and how I view the universe.

In no particular order…

The Greatest Show on Earth – By Richard Dawkins (2009).

This book shaped my view of the world. I read this in 2009, and my understanding of the universe was changed forever. If you want to understand why things are the way they are, you have to read this book. This book may be difficult if you do not have a basic understanding of biology, but I urge you to stick with it.

Thinking fast and slow – By Daniel Kahneman (2011).

If the greatest show on earth taught me about the universe, this book taught me about people. Out of the 33 books, I read last year (2017), this is the only one I would recommend. If you were wondering why people act the way they do, and what you should do with your life, this book could be for you. You will also learn whether it is best to work for yourself or start your own business, the result may surprise you.

Enlightenment nowBy Steven Pinker (2019).

At the time of writing this, the world seems to be in a dire state; however, if I were to ask you which period in time you would like to exist I am sure you would choose now. This book exemplifies why you should choose now as the best time to exist, and I think it is a nice reprieve from the maelstrom of negativity that exists in the modern world.

When I read a book, and it changes me the way those above have, I will add them. You will have to trust me that my threshold for putting books on this list is very very high. I read a lot.

Prisoners of Geography – by Tim Marshall (2015).

Every now and then you read a book that shoots straight to the top of you recommended books list, this is one of those books. This book tells you why countries are the way they are and how geography dictates politics.

Also, if you end up purchasing a book from these links you will help to support this blog 🙂

16 thoughts on “Books I Recommend”

  1. Dawkins can be a little cruel, but then again it must be hard to deal with people who not only cannot think straight, but are convinced that they are divinely right.

    Don Trump, case in point.

    Dawkins makes an excellent case with his rebuttal to the guy who switched back to creationism with the wasp that mates with flowers. That had to be something that was intelligently designed, right?

    No, because we’re about the smartest things on the planet, and we mate with our hands, vibrators, holes in treetrunks…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Louis,

    I downloaded all the books you had recommended. I started reading Thinking Fast and Slow and it seems great. Thank you for this list.

    I’d recommend you to try “Freakonomics” by Stephen J Dubner and Steven Levit. It’s an amazing book with some pretty interesting insights about some of the common choices in life.





    1. Hi Amith!

      I have already read Freakonomics and I always listen to the podcast. I have become much more savvy with respect to finance becuase of it.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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