About this blog

I need to get better at writing, and maybe you can help? Or perhaps you can learn from my triumphs and mistakes!

I am a PhD student in Food and Nutritional Sciences; I have gotten to this stage by largely ignoring writing as a skill. I felt as if my skills in science (maths, physics, etc.) were the most important aspect to improve, so I spent most of my time working on science-related skills. As a consequence my writing skills are very low relative to my other skills, hence this blog.

My idea for this blog is to journal my progress through a Ph.D., as it is probably one of the most interesting things I will ever do. But mostly, it is to practice writing and eventually get good at it.

As I am writing this I have already written several months worth of posts; originally, I was not planning on posting them, but I think that there is no downside to me publishing these posts, as the worst thing that can happen is that I get bad feedback. In this instance, it still helps me improve my writing, so it is win-win as far as I can tell.

As I have previously mentioned, I am several months ahead of this initial post and only plan to release one a week. Because of this, my writing has already improved massively, and I am embarrassed to release some of the earlier posts. However, I believe that the journey is much more important than the end so I will release all my posts un-edited.

I intend to write about more than just my thoughts on being a PhD student such as nutrition, finance, books I’m reading and general thoughts on life. So, if you would like to help me out and provide some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.

I will remain anonymous for now.

Go here for an example of my first attempt at a blog post and here for the most recent.

If you’re still here maybe we should connect on Twitter!

168 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. I’m really glad I found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more of it! I’m the opposite of you in a sense, because I spent my undergrad/masters in the arts and humanities and really refined my writing skills, but now I’m looking to make a switch to the social sciences, I need to completely re-learn how to write up research in a way more conducive with dealing with facts rather than theories.

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  2. Hey thematically meandering blog is really interesting! It amazes me how consistent you are with your ideas. It’s as though you’re brain is crammed with so much of the world inside, it’s a breath of fresh air to see it all written down for everyone to see. (btw thanks for liking my posts ;))

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  3. Possibly a bit late to offer my ‘tuppence worth’; but—

    —but never release a work unedited. Never~!

    Dwell a pause if you need to—but you must revisit and edit.
    Polish, polish, polish … and if any dolt tells you (a) don’t call folks dolts; and (b) don’t repeat yourself; thank ’em kindly and then get on with getting your message across. Transmission of thought is what it’s all about, no?
    Thought, and style—ya gotta have style. Which leads us to … originality, but within bounds. People have expectations and they want something they can read—so speling four exsample is not to be triffled withe; fokls like to recernize werds more easily and simpler. Sew by editting you can catch the looser ends and tye them up. And it’s amazing what you catch when you revisit, hopefully after the tumult and the shouting dies but before the captains and the kings depart.

    Good luck!

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