Missing the wave – 88

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The man who got into writing when media had advanced through two different formats, video and audio, is a fool?

Getting into blogging in 2019 is, unbeknown to many people, a bit like getting into steam-powered vehicles – times have changed.

Do you ever feel like switching to video or audio? I imagine most of you are not only interested in writing but in other forms of media to. For me, blogging is something that is a skill-building exercise. I started this because I wanted to improve my writing, not to become a writer; a by-product of creating this blog is that it would look good on a CV, or so I hope.

This is the student mentality, you have to be forward-thinking and plan things around getting a job. In my fantasy world, I see myself working for myself – and very little work actually happens. I am aware that it on average, you can make much more money by selling your time to someone else. Nine out of ten businesses fail and all that.

Anyway, have any of you out there transitioned from one media to another? I would love to hear from you.

In the world of being a student, this week, I have been fairy unproductive; in the short-term, at least as I have spent most of the week learning about neural networks. This means that I didn’t get any of my actual work done, but I may have discovered a new skill that I can apply to my work.

Halfway through writing this, my partner and I went on a walk down the river, I had an interesting point I wanted to make before I left and now I can’t remember it. I remember thinking that I should write it down before I went, but of course, I didn’t, and now I regret it.

I had a slight setback this week that ended up being a blessing in disguise. Every time I want samples, I have to hire a car and collect them from a distribution centre. At the beginning of my PhD, I was supposed to have someone else arrange this for me (one of my supervisors who is high up in the company that gives me samples). Still, they went on maternity leave, and I ended up having to do all the work. I am not scared of work, but I am also ‘just a student’. Because I am just a student, I am easy to ignore.

I spoke to the head of agronomy for my PhD sponsor, and he said I should name drop him if I ever have any problems. To put this in context, supermarkets dominate the food industry in the UK. You would think the people who produce the food would have the power, but this is not the case. If the supermarkets choose not to take the growers food, they can no longer sell their food, and they go out of business.

So IF I name-dropped this guy, my samples would be delivered out of fear. As someone who has had a job before and has experienced this, I did not want to take this course of action. I always hated the corporate culture, the fact that we are all adults, but have to pretend like some are superior to others while we are in the office.

If I were the employee at the company and someone name-dropped a higher-up employee to get something done, I would hate them. This is why I was reluctant to name drop, even just cc’ing on an email is too much for me. I suspect, my reluctance to do this is one of the many reasons as to why I will never be at the top of a corporation.

How much of an ass-hole are you willing to be to get where you want?

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9 thoughts on “Missing the wave – 88

  1. Changing media I cannot comment on as I write as a journal. However I have been self employed and I think you are right, that in business to succeed you have to be either a novelty or ruthless (to a greater or lesser degree). There is not much room for emotion in it. Being kind cost nothing though!

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  2. Surf’s up, sometimes you have to hang ten. The bigger the feet the shorter the board, longer the board shorter the feet. It’s a leap of faith being a risk-taker. If you’re a tube rider sometimes you wipeout, once you are through there is light at the end of the tunnel. At my age now I don’t have to worry about the what if’s. Go out there and find your personnel success not necessarily wealth. Now I leave you with a thought, what if there was no tomorrow? It’s all about a choice that sets the path. You miss the wave or catch the wave, let that decision come from the Heart.


  3. It’s tough out there and corporate culture is so hard to navigate. I’m the same as you and often do things myself rather than name drop. The problem is that you tend to feel so drained at the end of the day. But at least you have your integrity which is important. Great post! Oh by the way, I write a blog and also draw. 😁🌴


  4. I write a blog, and I have never considered ditching it for video or audio. I love the written word too much. Although I do, sometimes, use pictures with my blog. Call me antiquated. At my age, I am happy staying with my steam-powered vehicle.


  5. I am doing multi-media things in 2019. I am practically the director/editor/post-production guy for my wife’s vlog. I tried to do vlogging, but it is not something that I can easily jump into. There is a learning curve you have to overcome. But it is not that bad.

    However, having a solid background in writing helps for both media. It would not be a bad idea to also try audio (podcast) or video (vlog) aside from blogging, if you have the time, that is.

    As for my case, I just like film making. And while I don’t have the best tools (I do everything on a phone!), I work with what I have, until I can get the funds to invest in better equipment.


  6. I do not know if you are in the US but it does not matter. I am going to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving anyway. Have a great day!


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