Making time to write – Week 45

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It is Sunday morning here in England, and I am writing this blog piece early so that I can work on my report. This is not what I imagined when I started blogging. I thought It would be difficult to be consistent, but not writing early morning on a Sunday difficult.

This week has been relatively routine, on Monday I loaded up the freeze drier, a procedure I can now do on my own. It is a large green box, that looks as if it was built in the 50’s. There is very little to it. There is a refrigeration component and a vacuum component. Mostly, you put your samples in, turn on the vacuum pump, and then wait.

Because the all the water in the plants is frozen and there is a vacuum, the ice sublimates to vapour and condenses on the condenser plate in the back of the machine. Five days later, you have a bunch of crispy leaves with no water in them. From this point, you have leaves that will not degrade in a hurry, leaving you to sample at will.

On Tuesday, I had a meeting with my supervisors which is always nerve-racking, but usually a pleasant experience. This one was no exception, I am on track at the moment and need to keep calm and carry on. They talk a lot and try to give good advice, and I try and pick out the best bits as it is tough to remember everything they tell you.

On Wednesday I was doing general busy work, loading samples onto various machines and doing extractions in the lab. On Thursday I had a writing day, where I stayed at home, these are nice to have at least once a week. Friday was a repetition of Wednesday.

As I have entered a period of relative busyness, few of my extra-curricular activities have slipped. I have not had any time to read any of the books I wanted for the last few weeks, and I have not played any video games, which means I haven’t spoken to many friends in a while.

Another activity that has slipped is my blogging; I have not managed to write my mid-week posts. This is because the time that I would normally set aside to do this has been taken over by writing for my PhD. I can handle the disruption for my routine for about a month at a time. I do not think that this disruption is worth it in the long run, and I would not want to put up with it for the entire four-stretch (my PhD is funded for 4 years).

I have had some good ideas – my opinion – with respect to blog posts. I think I am ready to start diving into nutrition and leverage my degree in nutrition in a thinly veiled guise for the creation of easy content. Also, I would like to do some crow sourced science, mostly by the collection of data from surveys as that would be feasible. Please let me know if you know of any decent sites for large scale surveys and data collection!

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