A song of procrastination and ire – week 36 as a PhD student

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Game of Thrones clips are filling my procrastination periods this week; I do not know why. The interesting thing about procrastination is that it, for me at least, is spontaneous. If I could predict when and why I would procrastinate, it would be easier to avoid.

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This week has been a relatively good week as it was more balanced than usual. By balanced, I mean that the writing to lab work ratio was much more favourable. I have previously discovered that the best week for me involves writing and practical work; if I do too much of one or the other, I get bored and disinterested quite quickly. Two days of writing with three days of practical work seem to be the sweet spot at the moment.

I have noticed that my writing has improved; mostly it has improved in the fundamentals, grammar, punctuation etcetera. What I am finding hard, is the scientific storytelling aspect, linking ideas and guiding the reader through my thought process.

I think there are three main reasons as to why this is. Firstly, a lack of experience, I imagine once I have published my first paper it will get much easier. Secondly, I do not have a model of how I should write, this is related to experience, but also it is related to understanding your subject intimately and converting your thoughts into prose. The final thing is something I just mentioned, knowing what you want to write in the first place, I certainly do not know exactly what I want to write; I have a rough idea.

I have spent a lot of this week doing admin related activities, I am trying to organise some samples to be delivered, and it just so happens that all the people that can make this happen are away, so I am on a bit of a wild goose chase. Oh well, you can only do what you can do; I’m not too bothered about it, there is always next week.

I have a weekend of work ahead of me, there are a few hundred samples I need to analyse, and I need to learn how to use my camera! Furthermore, I would like to get some writing done; I need to keep pushing with my reports before the anxiety of not having completed it catches up with me.

I also ‘need’ to go to the gym and watch the rugby! Next week, I am going to harvest the 9000 plants we planted two weeks ago. I am much less enthusiastic about it this time around as I have already experienced it once. I did it last year in Rome, in the 40°C heat. The lunchtime meal in Rome was perfect, but it was not worth a second day of harvest.

In England, the food is much more standard, and we are much less pretentious about it. It is fuel. This may sound strange, but I would much rather be in the English countryside where the weather is mild than the outskirts of Rome, where it is far too hot to work! We shall see if I still have this opinion after the harvest.

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5 thoughts on “A song of procrastination and ire – week 36 as a PhD student

  1. Very helpful to see the real world of writing. Not just the page produced but the struggle and process of producing it. Very encouraging for a novice writer like me. Thx


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