An open letter – Week 35 as a PhD student

PhD Life

Dear Weblogger X,

I had a visit from my parents yesterday. Whenever my parents are in town we go out for dinner, yesterday was no exception, and I booked our favourite restaurant. They asked me all the usual questions, but when they asked: ‘how is it all going?’ And I replied with ‘ Well, it is just work now. I am fully adapted to my situation’. They did not bat an eyelid, and there it was, everyone in my life is now blasé about me doing a PhD. It is now the new normal; where do you go from here?

The older I get, the more I believe that ignorance is bliss. If the idea never came into my head that I should do something that is helpful society, I may be much happier with a happy go lucky attitude to life. I could drift through without doing anything challenging and be perfectly happy; instead, I have a delusion that I should be doing something grander. Ideas are dangerous!

This past week was a bog standard one; Lots of lab work, with me trying to sneak some writing in. The standout day was Tuesday where I was In Dorset on a picturesque farm. We were there to plant over 9000 plants by hand. It was relatively easy going as the weather was kind. However, everyone was sore and stiff the next day, and there was no way any of us could have done another day. I genuinely do not understand how people do this sort of work every day. Either they do not work as long and hard as we did, or It doesn’t take that long to get adapted to it, or they push through the pain. Either way, I now have a much greater appreciation for the people that do it and genuinely worry what is going to happen when Brexit takes full hold. I am not a highly political person, and I believe that you do not nay cannot have an opinion of everything, so I shall leave it there.

Next week, I am hoping that the current block of lab work will be over and I can do a lot more writing. I might just end up analysing all the data collected over the past couple of months, but I am not going to think about that now as it is depressing. One thing I should make sure I do next week is learn how to use my camera. I’m too used to the clever algorithms that autofocus and white-balance my images that using a camera with manual settings is like learning to walk again. I need a guide that shows me the simple aspects of using a camera. There are so many things I need to do that will keep getting pushed back as only the most important tasks get completed. In spite of this I have ended the week feeling quite content; now of to the gym for a leg session. You cannot neglect your body as much as your to-do list!

Your friend,

Weblogger X.

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8 thoughts on “An open letter – Week 35 as a PhD student

  1. It’s an experience. It will end. You’re young. You will look back on it as something you enjoyed. Many of us have done nothing in our lives that might be of use to people we don’t personally know.


  2. If you know how the eye works – you’ll eventually figure out how to use the camera outside of the automatic settings.

    Experimenting with new settings can be fun. I have yet to master the craft of proper settings at the drop of a hat. For capturing spontaneous images (which I cannot definitely retake) I still use the Auto settings for safety…. ahahaha…


  3. It matters not, the opinions of other people. Release your desire for their approval. What truly matters is YOUR hear, YOUR desire, YOUR goal, YOUR life, YOUR health, YOUR own approval of what you have chosen to achieve. In the meantime, just Love them, accept them and enjoy them for who they are and for bringing you into this world for you to be able to create your life’s dream. Besides, they may just feel like muted shadows under your own as you pursue your doctorate degree.


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