Thinking about starting a blog – Week sixteen as a PhD student

PhD Life

Early this week I had a strong urge to publish my journaling of the PhD experience; I thought I would make a WordPress site and just publish them on a weekly basis anonymously.

How would you know whether it happened or not? If you stumbled across this before this post, in your timeline, I would have made the site earlier. If you stumbled across it today, then you would assume I made the site a while back as there are some posts before this one. Well, I planned to make it on the weekend, and of course, I didn’t. Maybe next weekend? As I don’t have anything to lose, I will commit to getting it done by next weekend. The worst that can happen is that no one reads it and I don’t get any better at writing than I would have, had I not published this stuff. I assume that I would improve much better if other people were critiquing the writing.

What have I been working on this week? Well, I have to give a three-minute thesis at an internal conference. So I have started to write and make the slides for that. I attended a course on ‘presenting your research in three minutes’ presented by a very high-quality presenter; she is a science communicator and a stand-up comedian so you can guess she was comfortable with public speaking. It did help give some structure to my presentation, and it brings me up to seven out of five of the courses I need to take this year. Next week I have my eighth, which is about writing a literature review; I will probably register for more of them in the summer as I can’t turn down free education it would seem.

Most of this week was work, as usual, hedonic adaptation deeply rooted in at this point. A grinding situation has started to develop. I have been thinking that I need to create another stream of income as I want to increase my savings rate, and hopefully pad out my C.V. with respectable commendations. Ideally, it will be something I can do with flexi-time as I don’t want to detract from my primary objective. Another income stream will be another goal of mine added to the ‘Life.txt’ document I have. The reason I have been thinking about this is that I calculated how much money I could theoretically have by the end of my PhD; If I could increase that by roughly ten-thousand, I will be in a much more stable position. I noticed that a lot of my peers are doing some form of part-time work while doing their PhDs; I am sure they need the money more than I do as most of them are living in the typical student fashion, however, if they can do it…

My two biggest time sinks this week has been random Twitch browsing and playing video games, combined, they probably took twelve hours from me. I am unsure what I am going to do about this.

P.S This was written on the 28-1-18, and it looks like I did make a blog.

Published by Louis

Spend less than you earn, Invest the surplus, avoid debt. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants

14 thoughts on “Thinking about starting a blog – Week sixteen as a PhD student

  1. Obviously, those of us that have decided to follow you know you have started a blog from your earlier posts. Looks like you’re off to a good start!
    Are you wanting ideas to make side income from your writing? Try Freedom With Writing and The Write Life for that.

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    1. Thank you for the resources I shall check them out.

      I have just noticed your name has changed. My first degree was in Nutrition and Food science, what is it in particular that you like about the Keto diet?

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      1. I like the challenge of having to track my macros, that I can eat dairy (some) again, the simplicity of it. The cons are meal planning and no more fruit. (Except berries). I’m a huge lover/supporter of coconut oil and its benefits, on Keto I find so many ways to use it every day.


        1. That’s interesting, the professors at my university that taught nutrition disliked coconut based oils as they were high in lauric acid (bad) and low in omega 3’s (good). And due to their recent ascendancy in price due to marketing crazes, they were poor value too.

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          1. Coconut oil is actually very good for you, helps you lose weight, provides you with good fats, kills germs (I practice oil pulling everyday and my dental hygienist approves), and gives you energy!


  2. I write most days LJ, and always wish I had you to counsel and edit for me. I struggle with each line wanting to become Hemingway or something, but am left to just being me.
    But then I read where you said, “The reason I have been thinking about this is that I calculated how much money I could theoretically have by the end of my PhD”.
    I felt quite blessed to have the PhD’s who taught me earlier this decade.
    Not because they were rich, as many of them had second jobs and careers. But because they followed their passions. My Public Administration professor and his wife both play strings in the New York Philharmonic. My Physical Science professor works at the Cern. My Biology professor works for the federal government doing genetic research. My Art professor is a renowned public speaker and expert in 16th and 17th century Japanese art. My Law professor is an arbitrator for the Supreme Court Justices. Another professor I had teaches both at my school, Florida Institute of Technology, but also at Brown University in Rhode Island. Another, my Entrepreneur & Marketing professor runs a not for profit organization to help autistic children.
    LJ, there will be times when you haven’t a cent in your pockets, yet are the happiest you’ve ever felt. The most complete. The most fulfilled.
    And there will be times when you think you have all the money you want or need, but cannot find happiness anywhere. As it is rarely for sale. I have been very poor these past several years, moving from homelessness in 2009-10, to college student 2011-16, and now unemployed for 20 months. But I never short guess anyone, as they will all ultimately do that which is in their best interests, most times. Continue doing the things that interest you, and if you have a car, take drunks home at night when they are too inebriated to drive themselves. Share your talents, because I have read your posts, and you are certainly talented. I wish for everyone to be happy and content, and if the pursuit of knowledge brings you to that end, then study on.
    Do you know Sir Richard Branson? Here’s a college drop out who delivered pizzas and built an empire with Virgin…only one year older than myself. I hope you get creative and find the dreams you want are all within you.
    And feel free to critique and correct my post, because I do not have any English Majors within a stones throw.
    Oh, and yes…rock on.


  3. Blogs remind of the term. Office hot. Readers are other bloggers so, that’s good. Comments are from only other bloggers with similar blogs within that category. We, then subtly choose whose “office hot” and support them. Using the digital rewards like, shares, and comments. Writing becomes stale that way. Has nothing to contend with nothing to bounce off.


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