Closing the year with a ski trip – week eleven and twelve as a PhD student

A view of the Tatra mountains Slovakia in winter

This Is week 12; I have not written anything for last week as I was on holiday. I will, therefore, combine the two weeks, seamlessly. Last week I was skiing in Slovakia for four days; I would recommend waiting until after Christmas before skiing in Slovakia, as before this the snow is highly variable and you may find many slopes closed. There is nothing too exciting to tell you about the skiing trip with the notable exception that I have been sick from food poisoning two times in a row from Slovak Ski trips. The ski trip essentially took up one of the weeks, so there is week eleven summed up.

Christmas and New Year. I usually spend Christmas with my parents and occasionally my partner. This year we spent Christmas day at our respective parents’ and then met up later to exchange presents. I also met up with my old school-friends, whom I meet once a year it seems. They are much more traditional than I, fifty percent of them have a long-term partner, mortgage and a dog; yes, the set menu for two. The set-menu has never imposed itself on me; for one reason or another, I have always been eating a la carte. It’s sentences like that, which probably prompted my dad to call me sanctimonious throughout the time I stayed with them this Christmas. Christmas this year was not quite as good as previous years, this is mainly because I didn’t feel as if I needed the break as much. Last year during the final year of my undergraduate degree, I needed the break, and it was excellent.

Not much else has happened to me over the last two weeks, as it is the holiday season. I reviewed my finances based on the theoretical spreadsheet I made; I am underinvesting by £300 each month. I don’t think I have the mental strength to set my direct debit any higher for the moment; I will just keep topping up the remainder each time I get paid. I don’t feel too sad about holding slightly more cash than I had planned. I have started a new book, ‘Infinite Jest‘ by David Foster Wallace. All I have to say at this point is, wow that is a huge book with very dense text. The book is very well written; I am hoping some of it will rub off on me. Looking back over the year, I have read 33 books, I started regularly reading as a new year’s resolution. I am certainly going to continue this new found passion for the foreseeable future. The summation of someone else’s life’s work, into an easily digestible format, is probably worth taking advantage of. I think my resolution this year will be to stop passively wasting hours watching and playing video games, as I should be able to free up a few hours each day, which will probably get filled with other useless pursuits.

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Spend less than you earn, Invest the surplus, avoid debt. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants

2 thoughts on “Closing the year with a ski trip – week eleven and twelve as a PhD student

  1. My friend Jeremy Frank graduated from Yale, his PhD in English. And he kept the 2000 books which were required reading through the years. They line the top shelf in his study. I’m 66 and I do not believe I have read 2000 books yet.
    Glad you’re doing well; except for that stomach stuff.


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