One month review of WordPress

I thought I would just share my experience of posting on this platform for the past month. Without any effort on my part, other than writing posts, I have gained 6 followers, 43 views and 22 likes. From looking at the accounts that have followed, I have realised that all but one are liking and following in the hope I will do the same to there blog, and therefore, increase their followership. This does not work.

Without doing anything to promote my blog, all the readership comes from WordPress’s Reader. I would like to see how far this blog can grow organically, so I do not intend on spending money to promote this. However, I may soon upgrade to the next level of WordPress package so I can get a better URL, and more importantly, remove ads. I will upgrade once I have a few more followers, maybe 50?

Published by Louis

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7 thoughts on “One month review of WordPress

  1. I liked this one! I feel the same way. I am hoping will grow organically. If you’re a little like me, we write because it helps with focus, relaxation and keeping truck of the thoughts. I would still write even if no one followed or read – or so I think!

    Hope your blog grows organically! it is interesting to read about your progress.


  2. I’ve been on for a year and let mine grow organically. But I have found some free ways to promote my blog. LoCal is an online calendar but you can tweet your appointments (or schedule tweets about your blog – see my twitter @Fae7). You can also post images to Instagram to let people know a post it up (have the blog link in your bio – see my Instagram @redfae and share this to twitter). Good luck 😉. Your content is really good and useful, I’m sure your readers will come.


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